Hello everybody I'm Jason Lee. I have been performing for most of my life and music is my life!  During the day I own and operate a music store in Locust Grove GA, called JASON LEE MUSIC. I sell, repair and rent all forms of musical instruments. I also teach guitar lessons and run a recording studio. On the outside of the store,  I rent stages and run concerts for all types of  fairs, festivals, church functions or any event requiring my services. on many ocassions I install sound systems for clubs, resturants and churches, not to mention making many emergency repairs and upgrades.

My favorite thing to do however is live performances! I am always running too some kind of show whether it be with the band or an acoustic solo engagement, Sometimes even operating my huge sound system for other groups.

I grew up listening to many kinds of music. The first guitar I ever heard was Glen Cambell. My favorite guitarists include David Gilmore "pink floyd", Warren haynes "gov't mule", Joe bonamassa and Martin Barre "jethro tull" and many many others.

I have had the honor of playing in almost every state in this country and abroad as well. I have been a national recording artist and have performed for millions. I will never stop. If there's someone who will listen I will be performing.



 Playing the doghouse Bass in none other than Rob Russo, Former wrestler and toughman champion. Russo has been involed in music his whole life and now enjoys slaping the crap out of bass instead of his competion. Not only is he a skilled bassist, his hilarious antics and dominating stage presence make him one of the most entertaining performers around. He loves his hot rods and will be seen driving locally in his 69 Mustang Mach 1.



 Yo, Tony the "da" Red, You Gotta Problem with that. former drum instructor, oh yea! only the very best will do. Tony with his mass amounts of exsperience and musical talent is the perfect choice to feul the driving sound of the cyclones. Tony is also a computer genius so all the web stuff has become alot easier. he is a true entertainer and brings the beat and loads of fun to all the shows, He will get you dancing!!